Emergency Preparedness

Mission Hills Fire Department During the first few hours and days after a disaster strikes, emergency services could be overwhelmed, leaving families, neighborhoods and businesses on their own for hours or days.

After the devastating Cedar fire of October 2003, the City of San Diego sought new solutions to meet this vital need. A new community based program called Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was developed by the Fire-Rescue department. CERT San Diego helped citizens become a part of the solution in their own communities. The program took advantage of the outpouring of volunteers that offered to help in disasters such as the Cedar fire, earthquakes and 9/11.

San Diego Fire-Rescue personnel train and empower citizens in safe, effective neighborhood CERT teams. CERT San Diego instructors teach citizens to take life-saving action to help families, neighbors, businesses and communities get through the first few hours or days when emergency services are overwhelmed.

CERTThe Mission Hills Section of the Mid City CERT Team is a very active CERT section and is always looking for residents to get involved with their CERT program.  In order to join the CERT Team you must complete a six week Fire Fighter taught training Academy.  In the Academy you will learn about Search & Rescue, Medical Triage, First Aid, Cribbing, how to use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires and much more.  San Diego CERT offers continuous training to its CERT teams.  After you complete the CERT Academy you will be assigned to your neighborhood CERT Team.   To sign up for the CERT Academy follow this link: http://www.sandiego.gov/fireandems/cert/

Click here for an Emergency Preparedness checklist!

In case of devastating disaster and there is no traditional emergency response immediately available, the Mission Hills "rally point" is at the Grant School, 1425 Washington Place between Washington Place/Lark St.

CERTThe City’s website and FEMA also provide valuable information about how to be prepared for an earthquake and what to do during one.  Please see the following links for more information:


http://www.sandiego.gov/ohs/ (see the Earthquake Preparedness Tip Sheet under Bear Responsibility)



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