Mission Hills BBQ Competition 2015

The Mission Hills Town Council
Presents the 5th Annual Mission Hills BBQ Competition

During the 4th of July Celebration in Pioneer Park in 2015


Smokin' Oak took home the trophy in 2014 and 2013, 2 men & a smoker in 2012, and Ascent-real-toros in 2011.

BBQ Champions 2012

BBQ Champions 2011












Photos and results from 2012 can be found by clicking here and 2011, here.

Are you the grill master of your block? Are your BBQ parties the event of the summer? If you regularly smell like BBQ smoke and want to become the Pit Master of Mission Hills (at least for a year), then enter the 5th Annual Mission Hills BBQ Competition. The trophy, which is passed on year after year, will have your name emblazoned on it for generations of Mission Hills residents to see.  Click here to enter and we will be in touch!  Please fill out the form even if you have questions, but might be interested in entering!


  • BBQ Contest entries are limited to pork butt, to be provided by the Mission Hills Town Council 72 hours before the competition. You will be required to cook a minimum of four full pork butts, but are allowed to make up to 6.
  • Contestants may season or prepare the meat as the contestant sees fit, but any sauce must be homemade.
  • Cooking can only be done on a charcoal, gas, wood or wood pellet fired device.
  • The BBQ Contestant is responsible for observing accepted and prudent temperature and sanitary requirements.
  • Judging for this year's competition will be People's Choice
  • Your team will receive 3 aprons from the organizing committee with the official BBQ Competition logo embroidered on them


Special thanks to past sponsors, want to sponsor this year? Click here to fill out a sponsorship form:
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